01 - "Oh I Guar-An_Fucking_Tee I'll Come Back With A Search Warrant, Greaseball...

...and stuff it down your goddamn throat!
— Det. Manny McMahan

Ya hear that, Pal? I got another corpse missing from the morgue! This time clear across town at St. Anthony’s, this time more than a dozen eye witnesses, and the fucked up cherry on top?....  100% positive ID on your scumbag business partner! Now somebody better point ME in HIS goddamn direction or I’m liable to haul you in for the crime of owning that particular Hawaiian shirt…. and the gram of cocaine I can see in the chest pocket!

[silent stare]

Look, just...just hear me out. I’m not vice; I couldn't give a shit about the blow, and you don’t owe Cresky any favors the way I hear it. So why don’t we just get down to brass tacks?  WHAT THE HELL IS SERGIO CRESKY DOING WITH TWO CORPSES?!?




 Det. Manny McMahan

Det. Manny McMahan

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