November, 2017

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Ask A Jedi
November 22, 2017


Dear Jedi,

I think I’m being ghosted. Not the good kind where they go into the force then come back to chat every once in awhile. The bad way. We went on a really great date this weekend, and I texted her the next day just like, “Hey, that was more fun than destroying random consoles on Starkiller Base! Let’s use the force together some time.”

I thought that was a nice, witty text, but I haven’t heard back. Is she ghosting? Should I try her again in a week? Should I read her mind? Should I blow up a planet to distract myself?




Dear Ben,

These are tough situations. You must trust your instincts. Do what you feel is right. Unless your instincts tell you to be annoying, in which case you must bury your feelings. They can serve you well, but they can also betray you.


Perhaps consider your training - sometimes pulling an X-Wing fighter from a boggy marsh seems overwhelming, but through patience and understanding, you will find it can be done.

Patience - wait a little while

Understanding - Dude, your text wasn’t a question, there’s no real answer to that. Try again in a little while with concrete plans. If she still doesn’t answer, move on.

Final thought - You’re a bad guy. You killed your own father. Maybe she’s just not that into you… Or maybe just text her again next week and see if she wants to head to the Cantina for some blue milk!

May the Force Be With You.


Ask A Jedi

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