February, 2018

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Ask A Jedi

February 2018

Louie Aronowitz





Dear Jedi,

Ok, I know I’ve been obsessing on this same person for months now, but this ghosting is really plaguing my mind. One might even call it a “phantom menace?” Please don’t start ignoring me, I’m so sorry for that.

Anyways, here’s the thing: it’s February! Valentine’s Day is coming up soon! I don’t know, do you think I should try texting her? Is there a precedent for like, if you’re ghosted, but a few months go by, it sorta recharges, and you can try one more time? I don’t know, maybe I just feel a little guilty for killing my father that one time; remember that?

Anyhow, should I try her again before, on, or after Valentine’s Day, if at all? Please help. Please shed some light on these questions, ya know, cause right now they’re dark… Like it’s a dark side of my brain or something...









Dear Ben,

Oh Ben. Oh my, what do we do. Let’s start here: Valentine’s Day is irrelevant. Ignore it.

Next, there is no time limit on ghosting. They won’t magically change their mind after a few months. That being said, after some time, there certainly is no harm in reaching out. Maybe something not date related. Perhaps, an inside joke, or a fun gif, or if you come across a lightsaber that compliments their eyes.

Though, I believe that was my response last month, so why haven’t you reached out yet? Therein lies the real question. Perhaps your feelings betray you. You must trust your instincts.

Now about those puns. Don’t. Ever. Stop.

All the best.



Ask A Jedi




Louie Aronowitz