March, 2018

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Ask A Jedi

March 2018

Louie Aronowitz





Dear Jedi,

Ok, so I’ve given up on this person I had been obsessing over. You were right, my feelings betrayed me. Did you even say that?

But now I have a new crush. Problem is, it’s the best friend! What do I do? Is there a certain amount of time I need to wait? Should I use the force to erase the memory of pursuing the friend? Is it gonna be awkward, that is, more awkward than I normally am?








Dear Ben,


I’m glad to hear you’ve begun to move on. Perhaps it is too soon to get involved with someone new though, especially someone so close to the situation. One of the most important lessons we teach Jedi is patience. You must let things unfold as they will.

In retrospect, I wonder if your lack of patience is what betrayed you with the first friend you were courting. Maybe you need to not make quick decisions. Rash behavior is a clear path to the dark side, and from the sound of it, I doubt either of these women will be accepting of you turning to the dark side fully… And if you already have, please, return, it’s not a good look.

In the meantime, be patient, let things unfold organically; there’s no need to rush into anything just yet. And please don’t use the force at all in these situations, that is an extremely unethical use of your power.

Side bar, she was the one, then you jumped ship to the friend? Maybe you need out get out more, you know? Meet some other people? Someone who isn’t just the best friend of your ex? Just a thought.

All the best




Ask A Jedi



Louie Aronowitz