Periodical Installment 7

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Cats didn't exist in New SF2222, neither did rats, birds, or other vermin.  The only pets that still existed were ferrets, because their meat was worthless for dining; most animals had been extinct since 2121 because of the famine years following the Water Wars when people would eat anything to survive.  That was before the recycling catheter system of the towers had been developed.  People didn't like eating people, but they had no problem feeding themselves from themselves, and if you told them the water they drank was a recombinant from the urine they expelled, no problem.  No one really knew what the brown goo they subsisted on was, but they had ideas, and no one knew what "cows" were because books hadn't been used for education in over 100 years.  Jane 6 thought the "meat" she received once a week to survive the Utiiud's colonial inhabitation of her uterus was cow because it cost 4000 bitblocks a bloody, scrumptious square, but she really had no idea.  She gobbled it raw and always wanted more, but with a host compensation of 1000 bitblocks a week, it would take a month for a tiny extra bit of red, viscous flesh.  The weekly ration just wasn't enough to satisfy her cravings, well, the Utiiud's cravings.  

This tiny alien colony of 30,000 required Jane 6's uterus to be constantly full of menstrual fluid, but she'd never have a period again.  She's never have to breed, nor could she.  Any insertion into her vaginal canal would murder thousands of them, and ejaculate of any kind could abort the entire colony.  The Controllers would never allow that because the Utiiud were renting by the month, and they paid handsomely for Jane 6. They thrived off high iron, specifically meat, and the supplements Jane 6 received were just enough to keep the colony happy with the weekly ration, but Jane 6 was miserable. No other food sufficed, and her cravings were becoming intolerable.  She'd have to find the answer soon, and was sure that Kim 12 had it.

"You kill them if you don't like them?" Jane 6's mind was spinning.

"Well, I've only killed one so far", Kim 12 was noticeably nonchalant, "But I've only had one client, so..."  Jane 6 shrunk back into the plush surface. "He smelled like cheese.  I don't think Kens get a Kangen tap, and I asked him to come into the immersion chamber with me, but he refused.  He didn't like my questions or insinuations about his hygiene and tried to shut me up with his dick in my mouth.  Obviously, I had to do something, I mean, he wasn't going to stop, and I don't have a chip, and I certainly didn't want his cheesy thing anywhere near me." Jane 6 shuddered.  She never could have been a "Sexer", mostly because she liked being Jane 6.  She'd seen those "Sexers" in the hallway always applying gloss to all their lips and didn't want to think of what putting Kens parts in her parts would be like. Kim 12 finished, "So I bit it off."

"Where did you put it?" Jane 6 was thinking about blood filling Kim 12's mouth and how delightful that would be despite the cheesy nature of Ken's member.

"What?  His dick? Holey Marinaol Jane 6, gross.  What do you want with his dick?  I thought your little people wouldn't let you have any."

"No, Kim 12, the whole Ken."  Jane 6 hoped she could siphon some blood out of Ken and keep it in her food unit for morning smoothies.  Blending some Ken juice with her water-apple would be heavenly, and blood might service the emptiness in her tank. 

"People are surprisingly easy to dispose of unnoticed in the "MissShawn", well, in the "TenLawn" too.  I mean that first Ken was easy, and..."

Jane 6 cut her off, "So there's none of him left?  You didn't save anything?" She wanted to cry.  Jane 6 really thought Kim 12 would have the immediate answer to stop the aching in her core. 

Kim 12 sauntered to her food unit and produced a vapor sealed bag with Ken's severed dick. "I was hoping to keep it for a trophy, you know, to remember the good times, but I suppose you can have it.  It's only a day old." Jane 6 licked her lips and reached excitedly for the bag. "You're really going to eat the dick that I refused.  The irony of this doesn't go unnoticed by me you know."

Jane 6 couldn't ask what irony was because her mouth was full of Ken's tasty, raw, blood-filled dick.

Pam Benjamin

Pam Benjamin