Periodical Installment 8


"Patch me through to Jane 6's cognitive input! " The kitty faced leader's voice screeched into the com center before his furred body joined it. It was squeeky and high pitched, a sign of excitement or fury. Tone wasn't an indicator the Utiiud used in their communications. The Uti officer inside home base deeply implanted in Jane 6's uterus quickly opened the voice to brain interface. "Jane 6! This is Commander Casphot of the Utiiud! Can you hear me?"

Jane 6 swallowed her last bite of numberless Ken; her hunger finally sated, "Yes, I can hear you Commander Casphot." She spoke out loud, and Kim 12 grabbed for her sound buds: Host and Residents conversations were private, even if Jane 6 didn't know that the brain link meant her vocal cords weren't necessary. Jane 6 was nervous.  Maybe numberless Ken was a bad source of meat, but they asked for meat, and didn't specify what kind. Jane 6 didn't really know what meat was a few days ago, and she still couldn't believe in huge things called cows and open land without buildings for grass or plants or trees.  She'd only seen digital renderings of nature;  it was a visual package available for the 400 bit block upgrade in the window and wall section of her space in "DieManHeights", but it only had birds, not cows, trees not flowers. 

"Jane 6,  I just had to inform you immediately that whatever meat you just ingested was. .." Commander Casphot stopped to wipe a tear from beneath his slanted, furred lid, "absolute perfection. Whatever suppliments and weekly rations they have provided up to this point are shoddy, lackluster and potentially dangerous for our colony and you. Without meat,  we'd eventually be forced to eat away from your body,  starting with the uterine casing, but as you can understand,  this arrangement needs to be mutually beneficial for both of our long and continued survival,  Paise Aflaht.  If we eat too much of you, you die, subsequently,  we die.  The suppliments they have you on bring us dangerously close to harvesting your cells for food,  but whatever you just masticated immediately fulfilled our resources. Can you make this source available daily? "

Jane 6 didn't want to voulenteer Kim 12's services, but figured there'd be much more meat to go around soon. Kim 12 was living the Sexer lifestyle without the forced Sex.  Not that Sexer Sex was forced, because they did make the choice to remove their own cortex, and it was safe, because they couldn't accidently breed,  and that chip really did make them want it, so it really wasn't forced, but if Kim 12 did it now,  it was only because she really wanted to.  Imagine, choice as a Sexer?  Jane 6 was sure there was a food box filled with meat in her future.  She licked her lips and nodded; Jane 6's brain automatically commed the Utiiud,  but she used her voice anyway,  "Commander Casphot,  I don't think meat is going to be a problem anymore. "

Kim 12 removed her buds,  "They hear your brainwaves,  dummy.  You don't have to talk to them outloud, and what did you just voulenteer me for?"


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