Periodical Installment 9


"I really don't think it's a good idea for you to be here when I get my next client request.  We're only allowed to turn away one for every thirty, and if you're here without a two sexer request, he could raise a flag to my number." Kim 12 scrolled through her vibrovac settings, decided on hair removal and skimmed her sleek calves, "You're clearly not a sexer."

Offended, Jane 6 spluttered, "Well, either are you. How would whoever he is think you aren't? What makes you so different? And I'm not Sexer enough?" She pursed her lips, then relaxed them to the familiar Sexer gape. 

Kim 12 laughed, "Sweetie, don't take it the wrong way.  You look different. I look same. My legs, my skin, my smell are all sexer. They never look at my eyes until it's too late.  They see what they expect, and expect what they paid for. I become real as they die, and hopefully not even that soon.  A simple com flag and the Controllers send out the guns.  They've got this whole building rigged for floor by floor contained explosion.  None of us matter,  at least not Sexers. You're a host.  You're important." 

"And you're not?" Jane 6 knew the words were wrong as they slipped from her mouth.

"Don't be dumb when you aren't.  I know we can't read, yet, I'm working on that, but don't pretend to think we have value to them, Jane 6. You have value now because colonies rent hosts from the Controllers monthly, and if your hosts like you, they will demand your safety, but Sexers are worthless. Who they were died when their cortex was removed. They're just meat that gives a good fuck, or more appropriately, fucking meat that won't fight back." Kim 12 changed the vibrovac setting to massage her thighs, "Anyway, don't want you to see what I plan to do this time. If you're here, you're going to see exactly how I make your meat,  and meat is murder."

"I can help." Jane 6 knew she couldn't help.  The whole purpose of meat was to keep the 30,000 Utiiud happy and nourished so they wouldn't eat her from the inside, uterus first. She couldn't put herself in any danger, nor was she a killer.  She'd be useless to Kim 12, and just in the way.

"You know you can't,  but I appreciate the blind motivation to help me help you. By this time tomorrow, I'll have a fresh cold box full of Tom, Dick or Harry.  Go check out the ammentites in the DieManHeights,  you've barely broken in your new domicile." Kim 12 reached out to hug Jane 6,  "Please don't worry,  I like my new job, and now it has a more important purpose, keeping my friend alive."

Pam Benjamin