Periodical Installment 10


Kim 12 liked killing just enough to be dangerous in San Francisco 2222.  There were so many people, and numbered names were ubiquious nothings,  servants to each other and the Controllers,  but numbereds rarely met the singularly named. They resided in single homes of no more than 4 stories in the "Marina", such a strange name eluding to water. Kim 12 had seen old timey pictures of "The Bay", now a patchwork of buildings surrounding the "All-Cat-Raz" monument.  A paw shaped spire rose from the central rock to commemorate the tragic loss of all felines, thus saving humanity from the first invasion sanctioned by the Intergalactic Space Federation in 2099. The top of the spire forever bowed it's paw to their sacrafice, and hopefully stood as a reminder that WE humans were supposed to be the invading alien Lupine's food source. Whatever it stood for,  "All-Cat-Raz" was surrounded by buildings; the water that once surrounded it now inside buildings and bodies,  every drop being used,  filtered and used again. Molocule feeding molocule in an artifically designed closed system, so killing was easy, because the only thing the system missed was water, and murder made more of it. No one would miss a Ken 33 or Stan 69, just like no one would miss a Kim 12, except Jane 6.

Kim 12's sexquester pressed the button com,"Dick 14 sexquest for Kim 12." He adjusted his junk and considered his kink.

"Eye scan for transaction please," molasses sex dripped from Kim 12's voice.

"But I've never transferred bitblocks until after the fulfilled sexquest." Dick 14 wasn't stupid; he didn't pay if they were dead, and who didn't choke their Sexers?

Kim 12 flashed a pertly-perfect, pink nipple to the screen beneath the com and slowly moaned, "Please, please, eye scan for transaction. I want it. Please."

Dick 14 never had a Sexer like this one; he was already hard. Maybe they wrote a new algorithm into those wacky chips they stuck into the broad's brains so he could stick Dick 14 in whatever he wanted. Maybe sexquesting would be more fun if Sexers did more than wetly drool, "more" and "ooh"(even an "ohh" would be welcome), and stare blankly into the lights. Sometimes he strangled them just to see if there was a difference to the sexquest alive or dead; it was hard to tell, so his experimentation continued through Cindys and Janes, reds and blondes. He'd never been with a Kim, maybe their programming was different. Dick 14 leaned in bringing his eye to the scanner. "For 1000 bitblocks, this better blow my fucking mind."

As the door retracted, Dick 14 wasn't disappointed.

Pam Benjamin