Periodical Installment 12

Jane 6.jpg

Kim 12 wore nothing but stiletto heels and a gossamer thin golden wrap when she slid the door open to Dick 14's "sexquest". The non-clothing was both sexy and flexible providing ample movement to kick her sharpened shoe though Dick 14's eye socket after the door swiped shut.  The strapless pump wedged deeply inside his brain, and before he could register the attack and scream, Kim 12 embedded her other spiked, reinforced metal heel into his voice box just beneath his adam's apple.  I bet Jane 6 will like this kind of apple too she thought, retrieving her shoe and replanting it in his ball sack with a squishing THWAP!

Carving up Dick 14 was more difficult than just cutting off his wiener for safe keeping and dumping the body in one of the many large chutes on every floor of the "Miss Shawn".  That's all she'd done in the past and it was easy.  She could drag any number of large packages through the hallway of vapid Kims, Cindys and Janes without them thinking foul play.  "Sexers" were too focused on getting Dicks in their mouths and orifices to notice that the men dragging large bleeding bundles to the chutes usually contained dead Janes, Cindys and Kims, so they'd never questioned Kim 12 during her disposals, but this butchery was difficult.

Kim 12 didn't know there could be that much blood in a body.  She first thought of collecting it to make breakfast smoothies for Jane 6 waste not want not (fruit and blood, breakfast of champions), but there was too much to save.  She moved his body to the Kangen immersion cleansing area and sat him on the tub's seat to drain.  With only 3 holes to siphon from, the task was becoming time prohibitive; she decided to cut off his head and turn him upside down.  It wasn't easy to saw through all the neck's sinew, and how would she hack through the bone? Kim 12 spelunkered the kitchen for more effective tools and eventually found a serrated blade more equipped for the task.

She laid a tarp next to the cleansing machine and began to hack deboned sections off of Dick 14: calves, quads, buttocks were easy.  She striped his forearm and bicep meat, as well as his breast chest off the bone and surveyed her work. She saved the best for last, severing Dick 14's dick and scrotum from his mangled flesh.  Kim 12 had really tasty looking cuts of meat that she could wrap individually to sustain the Utiiud's needs for at least 14 day cycles, and that was if Jane 6 ate 3 times a day.  What was once a week survival would become everyday normalcy, and Jane 6's uterus wouldn't be eaten from the inside out by 30,000 colonizing aliens. Kim 12 easily filled her entire food box with Dick 14, and the meaty bones were simple disposal.

Nothing was wasted of Dick 14: his blood went into the Kangen recycler, pulling out all the trace elements to recombine into water and carbon, the bones went into the chute to be ground with the rest of the reusable materials and pulled into nutrients to feed plants and become the ubiquitous brown goo of the "Ten Lawn", and the meat went to Jane 6 to keep her safely alive and thriving as a host.  

Kim 12 quickly cleaned errant blood from her doorway with the vibrovac system, and was ready for another potential "sexquest" before the day cycle was done.  It had been a good day, and tonight, she and Jane 6 would celebrate in the "DieManHeights" feasting on a dead man.

Pam Benjamin