Periodical Installment 13

Jane 6.jpg

Jane 6 couldn't pace; she was afraid of burning surplus blood the Utiiud might need. She had no understanding of basic physiology,  no idea what kept humans alive. She knew she needed water, and special air was important. She knew that stuff came out her body and thought maybe it was extra blood.  "Meat goes in and makes blood", she thought, "and then the Utiiud eat the blood, and the rest comes out brown and is turned into the tube fodder for the 'TenLawn'." That seemed to make sense.  Janes and Cindys and Kims were never taught to read, so teaching them basic biology was pointless. They didn't even understand sexual organs as the proper and necessary information was auto downloaded upon insertion of the Sexer chip when they made that choice.  There were over 52 ways to suck a dick, and athletic pole dancing was in most of their programming.

"Knock, knock."
"Who's there? "
"Meet who?"
"Meet Dick 14 's delicious meat! " Kim 12 shimmied her butt and shoulders and made a rimshot sound she'd learned from a com device. It wasn't an easy maneuver holding 20 lbs of fresh Dick in a box. "Now let me in for the picnic."

Jane 6 changed the wall and window programs to a medow of grass and yellow flowers. She'd seen pictures of these mythical picnics in the book of extinct cats that Kim 12 gifted to her back in the TenLawn. No one ate outside in San Francisco 2222,  it just wasn't possible to eat with breathing apparatus on,  and if you could,  it probably meant you had gills or a rogue colony inside you and weren't allowed inside the safety of the towers. Pictorial pollen floated on an imaginary breeze and rustled the leaves on a tree that spanned above, a bird twittered in a nest, dappled shade strewn about the floor as Jane 6 spread a cloth and set down a pitcher of water from the Kangen tap. Kim 12 pounded on the door, as Jane 6 ran to scan her retina.

Kim 12 slid the box of meat with her foot across the threshold, "whew,  I just couldn't hold that Dick any longer." They embraced before Jane 6 hungrily eyed the box. "You know you want it," Kim 12 teased and held her closer for a moment before releasing, "GO! "

Jane 6 scrambled across the floor and tore open the box and the first wrapped meat parcel.  She ripped it with her teeth in ravenous yet dainty gnawed, losing not a drop of the moist red blood; she would have licked every drop from the floor if one had escaped. The Utiiud could use that drop as an ocean for their 30,000 colony inside her uterus.

Kim 12 beamed proudly as Jane 6 ate, "I wrapped them in similar portions and made enough for 14 day cycles."
"At 3 times a cycle?!?" Jane 6 almost spit out a morsel of Dick incredulously. She could be frugal and make it last 3 weeks, but knew she wouldn't have to. Kim 12 didn't seem to be bothered by the procurement of Jane 6 's safety and trusted another full box would arrive in time. She didn't even think about the risk of an unchipped Sexer, and had no idea the repercussions of such an uncharted existence.  "Mmm," she chomped, "I love you so much Kimmy." Jane 6 used a term of endearment and the singular nomenclature; she really did love Kim 12 even if she'd never been taught the concept of it or how to express it.

Kim 12 snuggled up and rested her head in Jane 6's lap looking up at her with dewy jewels in the corners of her eyes,  "I love you too, my only Jane.  I love you more than either of us can understand." They stayed entwined until the day cycle ended, the last tweeting bird digitally nested and the impossible pixilated blue faded to orange then pink then purple then black, dotted with sparkles they didn't know the name for and felt feelings they couldn't term because happiness was never one of the choices.


Pam Benjamin