Periodical Installment 11

Jane 6.jpg

Jane 6 paid her 200 bit blocks in the eyescan, and boarded the air controlled transport to the "DieManHeights".  It was a quick seven parsec jaunt, so Jane 6 didn't mind when the claustrophobic capsule closed it's door, sealing her in coffin-like comfort to speed across San Francisco 2222.  The screen before her eyes simulated the outside world, or what people imagined it to be. Trees, birds and sky were things of before the Water Wars, but they danced playfully on the screen millimeters from Jane 6's nose.  It was impossible to step outside a tower without breathing apparatus, unless you were a host with colonizers who gave you special abilities.  Jane 6 had heard of "gill girls" colonized by fishlike people that could breathe even in the vacuum of space, so walking outside the towering buildings became a possibility for them, but who would want to? Janes and Kims and Cindys weren't out there walking between the towers; the only things that lived out there were mutant aliens outside the system without access to the buildings, transport or even bit blocks.  They lived outside the Controllers control; outside wasn't just unsafe, it was an unlivable impossibility.


The transport docked on Jane 6's building and floor.  The door slid open to a hallway similar to the "Ten Lawn".  But this place was supposed to be different Jane 6 thought, forgetting that her mind auto activated the com line to the Utiiud colony inside her uterus.

"Jane 6, this is commander Casphot, can you hear me?"

Yes, I can hear you Commander Casphot she thought back.

"What is supposed to be different?" he asked with a surprisingly gentle tone as if he really cared.

There were no colorful posters on the wall pushing THE CHOICE on Janes, Kims and Cindys. Instead the sleek silver walls were inlaid with touchscreen doors.  A "window" let the simulated sunlight of the daytime program into the hallway. It's almost exactly the same.  Could they have lied to us?  Jane put her eye to her door and pressed the code to reveal her room, almost exactly the same as "TenLawn", perhaps a little bigger.  She checked the food box in the eating nook; it was thankfully full, and the Kangen Taps all worked.  She drew a gorgeous glass of water and almost chewed it while swallowing huge gulps.  

"Jane 6, could you spelunker that box for your weekly meat ration?  We require it within the next 12 hours before we start sucking off your blood surplus."

I have surplus blood?

"No, no you don't.  That's just a nice way of saying that you'll feel the unbearable hunger as we siphon off your resources." 

Jane 6 went to the food box to look for the small square of bloody raw something.  At over 4000 bit blocks, she couldn't believe this weekly source was provided, but as long as she held the colony safely inside her uterus, the Utiiud payments would go into the Controllers hands so that Jane 6's life would have worth. She pulled aside water-apples, green wafers and bottles of pink juice to reveal a tiny paper square labeled MEAT.  It was a 3 inch square, much smaller than the dick she ate yesterday, and it smelled of death and gore. Coagulated blood left a slick slime on it's surface, but she gobbled it anyway.  Licking her fingers she thought, how can this be meat and what I ate yesterday be meat?  They taste nothing alike.

"Jane 6, this will suffice, but yesterday's source was far superior.  I would behoove us all for you to locate and secure that source."

Jane 6 knew Kim 12 was on her team and hoped today's sexquest went as planned so that a ripe box of newly obtained meat would appear with Kim 12 later that evening. 


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