Periodical Installment 17

Jane 6 and Kim 12 stared at the crumpled body.  Kim nudged his shoulder with a toe confirming his unconciousness."Sexer me stupid! " Jane 6 spat. She'd picked up some of Kim 12's more colorful vernacular. "I couldn't watch you do that. Being a Sexer isn't what I imagined and now we're both going to become water. " and carbon and brown goo. They'd break Jane 6 and Kim 12 into their component parts, mostly water, to recycle to the rest of 2222 because that was their main worth, she thought,  activating the com to Commander Casphot. The Utiiud leader bristled and screeched, "This is Commander Casphot, Jane Jane 6 can you hear me?"

"Yes, Commander Casphot, I can hear you." She'd learned how to turn her com on and off,  but opened the channel wide because they made her feel safe.  They'd know a way out of this, they were an advanced alien race living in her uterus,  they'd have to know.

"Jane 6,  you are worth everything to our entire world.  You are our universe.  Without you,  the entirety of our species die. 30,000 of us came to you,  and we have made more.  The new medical facilities are primarily nurseries,  as our gestation periods are infinitesimal. Our world is extraordinarily more advanced than yours. Trust me, we can solve this problem for you." 

"Kim,  they say they can solve this problem. " Jane 6 whispered. 

"Oh,  yeah? The tiny dicks are done with their uterine gang bang and want to get us out of this little scrap?  We have district 8's singularly named Controller Humberto Genesis passed out in my immersion unit, ankle pants his only restraint, his last official notification a sexquest for Kim 12 in the Miss Shawn. We've got 2 hours max before the protection rolls in with vapor suction and recycle beams. What in the name of cats can your alien race do?" Kim 12 ranted as she strapped Humberto's legs and wrists together with Sexer scarves and belt restraints.

Hosts were usually Janes, Cindys and Kims.  They had 3 choices like Kens, Brocks and Teds, but Doctor,  Transport or Protection were their choices rather than Breeder,  Sexer or Host. If a Ken, Brock or Ted was a Host,  it was an accidental implantation or a rogue colony infestation and would be vapor beamed if the Controllers of the district found out. 

"Jane, we have an escape pod fleet and the ability to create uterine like pockets near his thyroid through his lymphatic system. We can traverse the divide in less than 2 hours.  We'd enter nasally and dock, then send the team to his cortex for removal.  It's a difficult hack to get Utiiud to speak with his faculties,  but hopefully our best team can fool the Controllers.  His family is another issue,  but this Rogue team has been preparing for this kind of opportunity since we left the Utiiud's space zone. They're certainly ready to facimilate humanness." 

Kim 12 tapped her foot impatiently as she couldn't hear Commander Casphot's booming screeches inside Jane 6's body. 

"Let's see if I can explain their mission.  They've got a rogue colony ship and plan to hijack his cortex and become him." Jane 6 saying it aloud made her feel sinister.  Was this their plan all along?  Was this a ruse to live rent free? Was their plan to control Controller?

"Wow,  pretty great." Kim 12 smirked. "We get to control a Controller. Problem solved. Tell those sweet little alien monsters I approve, and let's celebrate with some MEAT. They'll need energy for their journey." 

Jane 6 and Kim 12 laughed and opened the food box. "Remember when we ate brown goo? " Jane 6 snickered and drew herself a large glass of clear and beautiful future. Gulping hard, fat mouthfuls of water she com thought THANK YOU to her colony. 

Pam Benjamin