Periodical Installment 15

The future was finally bright for Jane 6. Her meat supply was large and fresh, she'd finally figured out how not to activate the com link to the Utiiud Commander with every thought, and she had new feelings flittering on her insides that she had no words for. She even hummed to herself as the transport enclosed her in it's clausterphobic capsule for the 200 bitblock ride from "DieManHeights" into the "Miss Shawn". Jane 6 was  delighted to see Kim 12 as the door swooshed up wearing shades and nothing else.  

"Oh, sweet Jane,  I was not expecting you. I have a pending sexquest and I'm not sure yet whether to fuck or kill him.  How's the meat supply?" Kim 12 purposely left off the number and called Jane 6 singularly to ossify her importance. 

"Oh,  Kim, you're so amazing.  I don't need more for at least 3 cycles, even at 3 feedings a day. You take such wonderful care of me." Jane 6 stepped closer to Kim 12's perfect form and softly slid her hand from Kim's face to shoulders to breast to rest on her hip before pulling her closer to whisper, "You're everything to me." Jane 6 leaned into her reflection in Kim 12's darkened glasses as the wall com tinkled the tones of a "sexquest".

"For the love of cats!" Kim 12 threw up her hands breaking their almost embrace. "Not now!  Back tubes to brown goo! Are we going to hide you, kill him or say it's a free double Sexer day?"

"But I can't have anything inside me." Jane 6 sputtered. "I can't abort the colony; they care about me. They've been showing me things,  helping me understand what we were." 

The door chimed again as Kim 12 stepped to the console camera giving the hallway viewer a peak at her pert nipples to hopefully distract the impending "sexquest". "Welp, we're gonna have to kill him." 

The door buzzed this time expressing frustration as the com flicked on, "I don't want to lodge a complaint on you Kim 12. I'm not used to waiting." This was no Ken 54 or Brock 69, the man at the door was a singularly named,  a Controller. Humberto Genesis controlled district 8, the Marina,  with its singularly named dwellers and no towers. Humberto controlled the Controllers. Singular offspring didn't have numbers because they didn't come from "breeders". They would never have to make the Choice,  would never have to live in the TenLawn towers or have tubes attached to every orafice. They'd never have an alien colony living inside them or have their cortex removed for supplicant sexquests. The Controllers had "family" and were better and more special than Janes, Kims, Cindys, and Kens. They made the rules and controlled the bitblocks. People would notice if one disappeared. A Controller's alarm chip would silently notify the Gunlice, and armored Johns 22 -33 would be dispatched to the MissShawn toute suite to extract precious Controller Humberto Genesis and remove these dangerous Sexers.

"Water wasting son of a Sexer, we're screwed."

Pam Benjamin