Periodical Installment 16


Humberto Genesis was not used to waiting. His every need was quickly dispatched in all areas of life: morning coffee woke him at 8am delivered by Rosario 13, his luxurious transport to City Hall at 9am, his Kangen water tap always worked in his office bigger than most domiciles, and his sexquests were always immediately answered and fulfilled; except this time.  He'd been waiting at Kim 12's door longer than he'd ever waited in the history of ever, but he'd heard she was worth it.  The rumor was this Sexer did impossible things, like answering questions. "An interactive Sexer?" Humberto incredulously asked at the last District Controller's meeting, "who approved this new chip implant?"  He needed to find out for himself, and was impatiently standing behind Kim 12's closed portal for answers.

Humberto pressed the com key again, "Kim 12, if I am not granted access immediately, I'll..." before he could finish his threat, the door slid open revealing the most enchanting Sexer he'd ever seen. Her eyes glowed differently than any he'd been with.  Rather than the glazed affect of retardation, Kim 12's eyes sparkled with knowledge.  Rather than the slack jawed, open mouthed drooling of the usual, Kim 12's lips curled to a coquettish smirk that he couldn't wait to stick his singularly named cock into. "I'm Humberto Genesis, Marina District Controller, and you're amazing," he stammered as Kim 12 let her gossamer thin wrap puddle to her feet.  She turned to sway her hips and show off her perfectly rounded ass as she slinked toward the cleaning chamber door, pressed the entertainment pod, and rested her body against the frame as music filled the room.  He'd never seen anything as enchanting as Kim 12, and didn't even notice Jane 6 standing in the corner.

"Let's get you cleaned up, Dirty boy." Kim 12 tried to remove sentience from her voice as she let the Sexer diatribe fall loudly from her lips. "Step into my chamber and have access to all of me." She leaned over exposing her teeny pink holes as Jane 6 took baby steps toward the front portal.  She knew he'd hear the whoosh of the door's opening, but was hoping he'd be too interested in Kim 12's openings to notice.  He was.

"What ARE you?" Humberto quietly asked as he reached to touch the curved weight of her breast.

Kim 12 grabbed his hand and shoved it toward her warm hairless mound of sexer, "Your best nightmare." As she lunged into his mouth with her tongue, Kim 12 waved one hand behind his back to Jane 6, motioning GO!  GO! but Jane 6 was frozen by what she didn't want to believe.  Kim 12 removed his shirt revealing a paunch that overwhelmed his thighs. This fat Humberto didn't deserve Kim's gifts.  Kim loved Jane.  Jane loved Kim, and she couldn't bare to watch this man of privilege plunder the intimacy that belonged to her.  With his pants now down, and Humberto Genesis ultimately engaged, he wouldn't have noticed a herd of cats running out the portal, but Jane 6 stood in the center of the room.  

Kim 12 started the Kangen tap and forced Humberto into the immersion chamber with his pants around his ankles as the entertainment pod thumped loudly. "Janey!  Go!  Get out of here! NOW!" her sotto voice stern and eyes blazing.

Jane 6 picked up the entertainment pod and swiftly pushed Kim 12 out of the way. Humberto swung around exposing his hard yet thin dick and had no time to scream before Jane 6 smashed the pod to his temple.  He crumpled into the immersion chamber with a thud.  Kim 12 ran to him to check his vitals, "You only knocked him out.  Now we have to kill him. Everyone will notice a missing Controller, Jane," she spat angrily. "Why in the name of all cats did you not LEAVE?!?"

"Because I love you." Jane 6 began to leak wasteful drops of water from her eyes, "what do we do now?"

Controller Humberto Genesis lay in the immersion chamber peacefully passed out as the precious resource flowed around his half naked body.  Kim 12 sighed, "I don't know, Jane.  I really don't know."

Pam Benjamin