Dating a Shapeshifter


Supernatural Dating Tips

by Cristy Joy

This month’s focus is on shapeshifters, also known as shifters.
The key to attracting a shapeshifter is to just make sure you hate dogs.
Canines can sniff shifters out like a rat finding cheese, so it’s best to make sure there are none
in sight, EVER. Just be a cat lover. Shifters are total cool with that!
Prefer fish? Those are cool too. Sorry Rover, no shifty pals for you!

Now, once you’ve gotten their attention, it’s super easy to keep them interested.
Most shifters are secretly just longing to be understood and loved, just like any real human
being! So, just give them some nice attention and you’re good to go!

Not sure if you’re mate is a true shapeshifer? Just look into their eyes.
Their glowing silver-gold embers will capture your heart right away!
Just try not to stare into them too long, or else they will shape shift into you! Oh no!
But don’t worry. It’s just a temporary thing. Speaking of which, this is the best part about dating
a shapeshifter. They are MASTERS at role play!

Ever wanted to date an athlete! No problem! Your shifter date can totally embody your perfect
athlete in every way, from looks to personality! Bored with your athlete and want a dancer?
No problem. Just give your shifter some private time to switch and you’re good to go!
Basically, any person you can think of is within reach when you start dating your shapeshifter.
The key is to first capture their heart. Once you’ve got that, then the fun begins!


Cristy Joy's comedy career began after improvising a bit with Tom Green on his talk show. During this time, she was honing her skills in a sketch comedy group that rehearsed weekly & performed locally. Since then, Cristy Joy's done improv with Tim Heidecker, Nick Kroll, and has had numerous performances at he Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. Her comedy dancing can be seen on Comedy Central's "White People Problems" and on FOX's "Weird Loners". Her freestyle dancing can be seen throughout Justin Timberlake's music video for "Can't Stop the Feeling". Cristy Joy's acting is featured prominently in the series premiere of Adult Swim's "Decker: Unclassified", as she is in the entire 2nd half of the episode.

Cristy Joy has been studying & performing improv regularly for over 3 years. SShe is currently on a house team for the iO Comedy Network. Cristy Joy is also a freelance comedy idea pitcher for Funny or Die. She posts show updates on her Twitter account: cristyjoy and in her blog at cristyjoy.

Cristy Joy