Dating A Dalek



"Dating a Dalek," Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Well, if you want to win the heart of one of these fantastically metallic warriors, that’s exactly what you’ll need to do! You’ll need to put a ring on it, ring their bell, set the alarm bells ringing, etc! But they’re a bit tricky.

There’s actually a 3-part process to romancing a Dalek:

  • Dalek’s love music!

When you find the one you fancy, start singing your greatest tune!
It’s the only way they’ll know you are interested in being more than friends.

  • Then, let your inner percussionist shine!

If you strike their lower hemispherical protrusions with a simple yet catchy pattern, you’ll create a harmony that will MELT THEIR HEARTS!
The better the melody, the quicker their casing will open up, so start those drum lessons ASAP!

After that, it’s literally cake!

  • Dalek’s love love love... did I mention love? They LOVE Yorkshire pudding!

Actually, they have a soft spot for any British foods. They also love the arts!
So, take them to the opera, the ballet, and then feed them their Welsh’s heart’s desires!

You thought these passionate mollusks only squeak? Wrong! They’re just shy!
Dalek’s are fabulous poets, but that’s only revealed when they’re falling in love.

After following the steps above, you’re guaranteed the most beautiful ballads, rhymes, and limerick’s you’ve ever heard! 


Cristy Joy's comedy career began after improvising a bit with Tom Green on his talk show. During this time, she was honing her skills in a sketch comedy group that rehearsed weekly & performed locally. Since then, Cristy Joy's done improv with Tim Heidecker, Nick Kroll, and has had numerous performances at he Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. Her comedy dancing can be seen on Comedy Central's "White People Problems" and on FOX's "Weird Loners". Her freestyle dancing can be seen throughout Justin Timberlake's music video for "Can't Stop the Feeling". Cristy Joy's acting is featured prominently in the series premiere of Adult Swim's "Decker: Unclassified", as she is in the entire 2nd half of the episode.

Cristy Joy has been studying & performing improv regularly for over 3 years. She is currently on a house team for the iO Comedy Network. Cristy Joy is also a freelance comedy idea pitcher for Funny or Die. She posts show updates on her Twitter account: @cristyjoy and in her blog at cristyjoy.

Cristy Joy