Dating a Pixie

This month’s focus is on the Pixie, also known as pixy, pixi, pizkie, pinkie, and pigsie. These wonderful mythical creatures are a ball of fun! If you want to capture their hearts, you need to be ready to play!


Pixie is their name - wrestling & dancing is their game! This is common knowledge. Some people know that they also love a fine whiskey. What very few realize; however, is how much they love horses and fine fabric.


So, here’s the perfect plan that will capture your precious Pixie’s heart! Are you excited about this? I know I am! Okay, so here it is!


First, you go to your local dance club or dive bar for some boogie ’n brews.

Then, after you’re both done feeling a little saucy, tell your Pixie pie you have something special in your pocket. If they want it, they’re going to have to wrestle you to get it.

This will be music to their ears, so consider the bell rung, and start tenderly grappling! After a few minutes of heart pounding, messy, sweaty wrestling, reveal to them their precious gift: a tiny horse sewn with a very fine silk, with a beautiful ribbon around it’s neck. Your perfect Pixie will be swooning! Oh they will try to keep their cool, but inside they’ll be FILLED with butterflies!


So then, it’s time to make your final move!

Blindfold them and take them away on a surprise adventure! They will be excited about this. Make sure the blindfold is either made of cashmere or vucana wool. The expensive fabric will have their hearts pounding.

Once they take off the blindfold, which is also a gift for them to keep, reveal to them the most romantic thing ever. You two will be standing in a large moonlit field, there will be two white horses waiting to be ridden, and you’ll be holding a large crystal decanter filled with rare Macallan “M” whiskey.


At this point, they will be so overwhelmed with emotions that their hearts will belong to you. From that moment on, you can spend your eternity in Pixie paradise, and live happily ever after!


Cristy Joy