Dating a Wendingo


This month’s focus is a wendingo, a mythical cannibal monster which is also known as a windigo. These lovelies are so easy to please!

It is sometimes said that the key to the heart is through the stomach.
That’s the way to win over your precious wendingo! Just bring on the beef! The bloodier the better!

You can treat them to dinner of a homemade rare tri-tip, but if you really want to knock them off their feet, RAW is the way to go! Also, wendingo’s are HUGE suckers for romance! They CRAVE attention!

So, here’s the quick two-step process to winning over your wendingo:

First, woo them with a romantic candlelight meat extravaganza of the finest steak tartare and beef carpaccio. If you have access to other raw meat delicacies, then by all means, BRING IT ON! The more the merrier! After this wonderful gesture, you will definitely have their attention.

Next, it’s time for the real “hook & sinker”, and it’s so easy! All you have to do is compliment them on their appearance, look into their eyes, whisper sweet nothings, and make a toast to the future. Their hearts will melt faster than the beef in their bellies!

Congratulations! You just scored a sweet ticket into swoon city! Enjoy your stay!

Cristy Joy