Dating a Bakeneko


This month’s focus is the bakeneko, which is sometimes known as a “monster cat,” “ghost cat,” or “changing cat.” What? Are you afraid you might not be able to “catch” a creature with such ominous sounding names? Don’t let those silly words scare you away! These ferociously loving felines can easily be won over with a few simple tricks. Read on and find out how to capture their precious hearts!

By the time you meet your bakenko of choice, they will likely be walking on their hind legs and communicating to you, like any other supernatural being. Walking like a human and talking like a human is fine and dandy. However, they definitely cannot hide their cat-like appearance. No matter how many times they attempt to sell you on their “lavish fur coat,” we
both know you won’t be buying. That’s why the first move is easy to figure out, because we all know that every cat loves fish. So, the easiest thing you can do to quickly pique their interest, is to treat them to a fish feast! Raw or cooked, it’s all the same. They will be happy to indulge with you.

The next step; however, is not so obvious. This is a huge secret, so make sure to only use this knowledge in an attempt to woo them. Do you promise to obey that one simple rule? Yes? Perfect. Please continue reading. So, the big secret to these creatures is their massive love of dancing! Boy, do they really know how to cut a rug! No pun intended!

After you’re both fish-drunk, it’s time to let loose! Go out to the best clubs and just dance your hearts away! These fuzzy friends are huge fans of fun! After having such a delicious meal and such a wonderful time dancing, they will surely begin to fall for you.

The rest is lovers history!

Cristy Joy