Dating a Dragon


This month’s focus is the dragon. These legendary serpent-like creatures may seem to be out of your league, but have no fear! You can create a fire within them stronger than the one they breathe out of their mouths! You only need to do TWO things to impress them! Surprising right?! Continue reading to find out how easy it is.

Similar to other supernatural creatures, the key to a dragon’s heart is through their stomach. You can guess what kind of food they LOVE, right?! Of course, barbecue! They are a walking and talking grill!

Luckily, they’re very open-minded eaters. However, they do tend lean more on the carnivorous side, so the more exotic the meats, the better! If you want to really impress these wild reptiles, simply show up for the date with a beef smorgasbord, a few metal spears, and watch your very special dragon make flame-broiled perfection in front of your very eyes! They LOVE to impress others with their mouth-grilling skills! It really turns them on! Simply by indulging and feeding each other freshly cooked proteins, your date will be off to a sizzling start!

Want to put the icing on the cake? Of course you do!! It’s a little known fact, but dragons are OBSESSED with the 80’s dance move “the worm”. If you can master that dance move, you’ll be slithering into your dragon’s heart in no time!

See?! I told you it would be easy peasy! After a delicious date & delightful dance, you’ll be guaranteed some tender dragon love!


Cristy Joy has been studying & performing improv regularly for over 3 years. SShe is currently on a house team for the iO Comedy Network. Cristy Joy is also a freelance comedy idea pitcher for Funny or Die. She posts show updates on her Twitter account: cristyjoy and in her blog at cristyjoy.


Cristy Joy