My Sumptuous Gorgratch Feast


The Bare-Exoskeleton Contessa

Thomas Bridgman
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Greetings fellow citizens of the Galactic Amalgam, Prison planets and all outlying colonies! Once again the Pyramidal Nepsis has occurred and we all know what that means....ITS GORGRATCH TIME (“time” being relative of course)!!!!!!!

This Gorgratch, I will again attempt to expel my overgrown digestive parasitic beetles by ingesting Guild ship cargo holds full of exceptional fare from across the known universe....won’t you join me?

Let’s take a peek at the menu and begin salivation process (for the people of my planetary system this takes some effort and the sacrifice of one tertiary limb, but you guys know !🙌🤓😜)

This year the offerings at my Gorgratch feasting board are organized by planet of origin....let’s get into it!

Arrakis: Spice Melange Watermelon ceviche

Ix: Neo-Engineered Fleshpaste™ Tartlet

Geidi Prime: Semuta Tea with Musician

Rigel 7: Slaughter-Raid Offal

Tatooine: Fermented Jawa Milk 

Romulus: Romulan Ale

Aldebaran III: Aged Greens with Champagne Vineagrette 

Tralfamador: Tiramisu 

Check out my blog for recipes.... (hint: the instructional information regarding preparation of all dishes is the same...input name and amount of each dish to your Ixian nourishment cradle and remove (or don’t) from plasteen capsule and....tah dah!)